Friday, June 5, 2015

busy busy

top: soft joie
shorts: mcginn
shoes: jeffrey campbell

true confession .. i don't wear shoes like this much anymore
you see .. my daughter is not one to sit back and take things in
she is a mover
always has been

i mean when she was a newborn she would snuggle and what not but as soon as she realized she could move she has never stopped

she crawls EVERYWHERE at lightning speed now a day
i mean seriously if i look away from her for half of a second she is off in another room most likely getting into something dangerous or disgusting

we have to keep doors closed now because if i get up to go make coffee or something she will crawl into the bathroom and pull up on the toilet to chew on the seat
sorry if that made you gag
this whole parenting thing isn't always extra glamorous {ha!} but it is always pretty dang fun

i spend my days running around after her and laughing at all that she can get into

she even moves in her sleep
between her bed time and mine i have to move the camera of her monitor continuously because one second she will be all balled up with her little legs tucked up under her in the corner of the bed and the next she will be down at the other end sprawled out on her tummy
and she never wakes up
she just rolls around all over the place 

she is a fun one the littlest 
and she has just woken up from a nap so i am off to swoop her out of her crib for some more play time :)

happy weekend!!

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