Tuesday, June 2, 2015

my life as a human jungle gym

the littlest has learned that using mommy as her own personal human jungle gym is pretty much the best game EVER

and i will be honest .. i lay down on the floor and totally let her smoosh my face and pull my hair and crawl back and forth all over me because she likes to and i like for her to be happy and to have fun

maybe i am a push over .. who knows .. we will see {ha!}

eight months has proven to be a really fun age
i have loved every age so far
but now she is super mobile crawling all over the place and pulling up on everything
she makes tons of noise and is learning and trying out new sounds almost everyday
she is crazy curious about everything that goes on around her
she reaches for remotes and phones and anything else that looks enticing
and has an uncanny ability to desperately want to play with all things dangerous and disgusting like cords and dog toys

i love how interactive and reactive she is becoming
she's my little preshy presh!!

happy tuesday!!

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