Wednesday, November 18, 2015

to write or not to write

admittedly .. i waiver back and forth all of the time about whether or not to continue writing this blog of mine

now that i have the littlest .. this is most often not where i choose to spend my time
it used to be so easy to take outfit pictures on the regular and write multiple blog posts a week
but now .. during my down time i am sitting in the middle of my living room floor playing with toys and laughing as my one year old dances around me .. or i am relaxing on the couch enjoying dinner and some trashy tv with RT
they are where i want to invest my time
and while writing a post takes just a few short minutes .. for some reason it is no longer a priority for me

also .. since having the littlest .. i struggle with how much of my family i am sharing with the world
on one hand .. i love having a place to celebrate our lives and what we are doing .. whether that be the happy times or the harder times
it is great to have a place for family and friends to keep up with us and what we are doing
on the other hand .. i have this protective momma bear side that wants to shelter us and our lives

sometimes this blog is therapeutic for me
this is where i come to lay my feeling on the line
it helps me to truly identify what i am going through and work it out if i can write it down

i break through my barriers of insecurity by making myself vulnerable to my readers
this is who i am
this is what i do
this is my family
this is what i wear
this is how i feel
this is me
the good the bad and the ugly
for all to read

for today i press on and this continues to be a safe place for me
no matter if i write one post per day or one post per month

thank you for continuing to read and following along in this life of mine!!
happy wednesday!!

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