Thursday, March 24, 2016

forshizz up the spout

this stage of pregnancy always reminds of that exchange in the movie juno when she tells her friends that she is pregnant ..

juno.. i'm pregnant
leah.. it's probably just a food baby. did you have a big lunch?
juno.. no, it's not a food baby all right. i took like three pregnancy tests and i'm forshizz up the spout

i see people looking at me .. and then looking down at my belly and then looking back up at me
i can almost hear their internal dialogue ..
is she pregnant?
or maybe she has just gained some weight?
i need to ask (fill in the blank) .. she might know

no one wants to ask and i don't blame them
no one wants to be that person who asks the not pregnant girl if she is pregnant
but because i am pregnant .. it kinda makes me laugh

so from my food baby and me .. happy thursday!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


soon my family of 3 .. 5 if you count the dogs .. which we do .. will be a family of 7
crazy right?!?

i think it was right around the littlest'  first birthday we decided we were ready to open our hearts up to adoption again
we talked with our consultant .. updated our home study  .. and began reading about birth mommas

it was a different process for us this time .. as has been our experience each time
we presented to several moms before we were matched
we got the call saying we had been matched on monday december 28
our baby is due to be born at the first of may
we were ecstatic when we heard the news and immediately began celebrating and planning and praying for this birth mom and her baby

then .. 3 days later .. on thursday december 31 .. i took a pregnancy test

if you know our story then you know that, medically, we have a zero percent chance of becoming pregnant naturally
we have done the testing many many times
science says no .. God says yes!!

we were not at all expecting to ever be pregnant again
and when we decided to present to our birth mom i wasn't late so it wasn't on our radar

but things changed .. quickly!!
we let our agency know that we are pregnant but still very much want to adopt this sweet baby
they talked to the birth mom and she said that if we are sure and feel realistically prepared .. then she is still confident that we are the family for her baby

so .. God willing .. in a very few short weeks .. we will have our second precious baby in our arms
and then at the beginning of september we will have our third precious baby in our arms

it's about to get real busy around our house
and we couldn't be more excited for it!!

happy tuesday!!